Trypanosomatid Biodiversity Database

Goals of the project:

The database will contain individual Trypanosomatid Species Profiles and results of the surveys of trypanosomatid biodiversity in various geographic regions. Each profile will include a set of phenotypic and genotypic features which characterize distinct species or genetic types of trypanosomatids and allow to distinguish such entities from each other. The database will serve as a foundation for the future development of a natural classification system and taxonomy of the family Trypanosomatidae.

  Species Profiles are composed of:
  • data on hosts, geographic distribution and habitats
  • basic morphology by light microscopy in a host
  • cultivation properties, colony morphology
  • detailed morphology and ultrastructure (SEM and TEM)
  • DNA fingerprinting profiles
  • mini-exon repeat and 5S rRNA sequence data
  • SSU rRNA gene sequence and other available sequences
  • phylogenetic trees

Completed individual species profiles:

Leptomonas podlipaevi

Leptomonas costaricensis




Ongoing trypanosomatid surveys:

Costa Rica


Typing Units as of September 2012




Background: panorama of the Osa peninsula, Costa Rica - a place with a remarkable diversity of trypanosomatids

Author of the site:

Dmitri Maslov, Dept. of Biology, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521, USA

This site is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Sergei A. Podlipaev, a prominent Russian protozoologist, who devoted his entire life to studies of the insect Trypanosomatidae. One of his most recent projects was to investigate the fauna of trypanosomatids at the coast of White Sea (near the Polar Circle).